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Mangled letter more memorable

This picture arrived in my email this morning. It would seem that my carefully hand-crafted, hand-written letter experienced a violent encounter with some sort of post office sorting machine along its route to our dear friend in Colorado. It made … Continue reading

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The Vanishing One-on-One

As I hopped in the car this morning to drive my daughter to an appointment I was looking forward to a few minutes of easy catch-up chatter, just the two of us. I was the only one with this thought. … Continue reading

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Solving the Text-While-Driving Epidemic

I want some clever person at Apple, Samsung, Nokia, et. al. to develop a new hardware button to allow users to put the smart phone on “drive mode”. The new “drive mode” button would essentially operate similar to the “airplane … Continue reading

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“What are you hanging on to entirely too long, and Why?”

“What are you hanging on to entirely too long, and Why?” A thought-provoking Facebook friend, Rebecca, asked us all this week. “I’ve had it with all this stuff. I’m going minimalist. Empty cupboards is my new vision”, another friend, Joy, … Continue reading

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Inspired mail … the real kind

A real letter arrived in my mailbox this week. This is big news! Not a thank-you note. Not an invitation. Not a letter from one of my deceased mother’s friends, who does not have an email account. Not a pseudo … Continue reading

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The In-Between Places

Life is full of in-between places. Between endings and beginnings. Between first day and last day. Between starting and finishing. Between falling asleep and waking. Between taking off and landing. Can you influence when and where you land? That depends … Continue reading

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