April 2, 1996 – OMG That April Fool was really true?

Yesterday when I saw a friend’s posting of a seemingly bona fide letter from the American TESOL institute accepting their application to teach English in Greenland for 2013-14, I did a double-take. Wait a minute. Is this a joke? Knowing them it could have been real, but then again … naawwwh. It reminded me of April Fool’s Day in 1996 when we completely blew off a colleague sharing some exciting personal news, only to find out a day later …

On April 2, 1996, my colleague, Doug Young, bounces into our daily check-in meeting with an impish grin on his face: “Remember yesterday, when I told you that Elaine was pregnant?”

Doug was the kind of guy that loved to pull your leg, rather like your favorite uncle that is the niece and nephew favorite-go-to-for-fun guy. Doug also had nine children – all single births by the same mother, his wife of many years. Amazing, right? So when he announced on April Fool’s Day, that she was pregnant with number 10 we chalked it up to another bad joke and promptly dismissed him. Yeah, yeah, you can do better than that Doug.

surprised smiley faceBack to his morning greeting on April 2nd. “Remember yesterday, when I told you that Elaine was pregnant? Well, she really is. She always dreamed of having 10. The whole family is delighted!”

You’re kidding? Holy smokes! Geeez. You guys trying to start a sports team? Wow!

Don’t you love being surprised like that? Thanks to all those people in our lives who delight us with surprises! You add zest and joie de vivre. Don’t ever stop.


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One Response to April 2, 1996 – OMG That April Fool was really true?

  1. Tina Doyle says:

    I remember Doug Young!

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