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College Selection Tool – Need Help for May 1st Decision?

With fast and easy, push-button computer college application submissions come many more offers to enticingly, slickly marketed, nirvana-like college experiences. It’s not easy to navigate your way to the right choice through all the options, promises and hype. It’s like … Continue reading

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here are THE “5 Habits For The Road Ahead” … as promised

As promised, I’m sharing the “5 Habits For The Road Ahead”, comprising the key points of a talk I gave to a group of high school seniors this week. The idea of 5 habits was born out of a notion … Continue reading

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What I learned from “5 Habits for the Road Ahead”

Last night I had the privilege of being invited to speak at the Lamar High School Business Administration Magnet program Banquet. Why am I surprisedĀ  — repeatedly — that I often learn more myself, when I show up as the … Continue reading

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Shattered Trust and Loss of Innocence

Yesterday was the last day to file taxes. The dreaded April 15th was upon us. A meeting with exhausted, faithful CPA to sign documents, write out checks, then swing by the trusty US Post Office to pop that IRS-addressed envelope … Continue reading

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I just finished reading “The Defining Decade – Why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now” by Meg Jay. A must read for anyone who’s ever been twenty, or plans on going through their twenties … Continue reading

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Bring a Pen and Paper. “That’s stupid. We don’t need them.”

Taking off for a two-day college orientation and overnight dorm visit: Sleeping bag packed? Check. Consent forms signed? Check. Pen & paper packed? “That’s stupid. We don’t need them”. Really? How are you going to take notes? “Use our phones … Continue reading

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Did you see the 500lb Gorilla?

Have you seen the basketball video clip often shown in corporate effectiveness training classes, where you’re asked to count how many times the white team passes the ball from one member to another? (You can refresh your memory here -> … Continue reading

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