May they find “a field of ease”

celtic crossIt’s a glorious, sunny, breezy spring morning in the southern part of Texas. The azaleas are showing their colors. The sky still has a slight crisp, coolish blue color, with a hint of the heat to come. Nature is awakening our sense of optimism and new life.

Against this backdrop of a promise of the future, parents of students at A&M university are stunned and deeply saddened at the news of the freshmen students killed in a car wreck Saturday night. Though few of us may actually know these families, we are all grieving and reaching out in our thoughts and prayers.

I set aside my planned topic for today, to hold this space open for me and your click here. Stop for a moment of silence to hold these tender, broken hearts close to ours, that they might experience healing and some comfort in shared pain.

I will sign off with a brief excerpt from one of John O’Donohue’s blessings

“As your eyes strain to sift
This sudden wall of dark
And no one can say why
In such a forsaken, secret way,
This death was sent for …
May one of the lovely hours
Of memory return
Like a field of ease
Among these graveled days.”


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One Response to May they find “a field of ease”

  1. Rhonda says:

    Thank you for this blessing. My neighbor was killed on Friday while out walking her dogs. You may have seen this on the 10PM news on either Channel 11 or 13, and it was in the Chronicle on Sunday. So very sad, and still very raw and shocking. They have lived next door for over 15 years. We will be away for the service next week, but I will include this blessing in my card to her husband.

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