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Today is Saturday … Every day is a Saturday

A former boss of mine shared with me before I retired: “every day is a Saturday”, when you first unplug from corporate life. In his usual I-hate-to-admit-to-him way, he was right on target. He later followed it up with another … Continue reading

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CCITM-CM … much needed addition to texter repertoire

I have a new texting shorthand I want to put out there: CCITM-CM. What does it mean? Cannot Compress Into Text Message – Call Me. As popularly phrased by Maslow and Kaplan in the 1960s “if all you have is … Continue reading

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Face Time Scare Show

As a survivor of teenage acne I’m pretty comfortable with all my facial flaws. Illusions of perfect porcelain skin were never within my reach, so I had to get on with life in spite of some very obvious imperfections. The … Continue reading

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Would you be alive today, if you had been born before penicillin?

I’m sure I don’t know anyone who hasn’t taken antibiotics at some point in their life. At a minimum they shorten the misery of an illness, in many cases lives are saved. Most of us have no concept of a … Continue reading

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Navigating The Final Stretch

Tis the season for endings. A bumper crop of former colleagues are converging on an end of 1Q13 retirement. Our house is counting down the weeks til high school graduation. Other friends are packing up and moving out of state. … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why I Like Houston

What I really mean is “10 Reasons Why I Like Houston better than LA”. IMHO. It seems to me that there exists a wide-spread love of all things to do with the West Coast. Returning from a vacation to the … Continue reading

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Sometimes you Win, Sometimes you Learn

Back from vacation. Back in the saddle. Ready to roar into the week on Monday morning. First task at hand is to handle a March scheduled financial transaction. This was a biggie – one of those you don’t want to … Continue reading

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