10 Ways to Convert Your Drive Time to Meditation Time

I ran out of time this morning to stick with my daily early morning meditation. The good news is that I’ve managed to build up my daily minutes to 30 (incredible to me – that’s 30 uninterrupted minutes – not 2 times 15 segments  – not 3 times 10 spots in the day – rather 30 consecutive minutes – I’m more amazed at this than anyone!). The bad news is that this is harder to fit into my mornings.

drive timeToday was my regular visit with my Dad, and I don’t like to be too late getting on the road for that 70 mile drive. The dilemma is do I do the meditation before I leave and just arrive late? … that will feel rushed and irritating, and I hate to make him wait. Do I do it when I get home? I know that will never happen. Or, how about I try to redesign my drive so that it turns into meditation?

Yes. Convert the drive time into meditation time. Here’s what I did:

  1. No audio – no music, radio, or podcast.
  2. No drinks – no tea – not even my water bottle was allowed.
  3. White noise – crack the driver and passenger windows just enough to create a soft roar.
  4. Select the least traveled route and adjust speed to stay mostly in the same lane.
  5. Maximize cruise control usage – let feet and legs relax.
  6. Place hands at the 8 and 4 o’clock positions on the steering wheel, so arms are more rested and hands have a looser grip.
  7. Don’t read traffic signs or billboards – focus on the cars nearby without looking all over creation.
  8. Relax the jaw, ears, tongue, back of neck – check in periodically with the spine posture.
  9. Visualize the jumpy thoughts, that keep creeping in, simply floating in one window and out the other.
  10. Consciously play with different breathing techniques. “Sound” breathing. Counting in and out breaths. Silent mantra. Spoken mantra – nobody can hear you.

So how did it work out? The time zipped by. Rather like those days when you’re mind is furiously working a tough problem and you don’t even remember the drive to work. Except this time my mind was at ease and cleared (barring the usual ‘monkey’ mind moments), more like a defrag of my C: drive.


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One Response to 10 Ways to Convert Your Drive Time to Meditation Time

  1. Rhonda says:

    Without any long drives ahead of me, I can imagine doing this on a long airplane ride, putting on the headphones without listening to anything, not reading a book, magazine, or newspaper, and closing my eyes without falling asleep. Hmmmm, will have to try this on the way to or from NYC next week!

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