Taking a Gap Year

Whenever people ask me how I could possibly retire so early in life, I typically launch into a way-too-long-and-drawn-out justification concluding with the notion that this is just a temporary situation. I have lots more to contribute in this world, I just haven’t figured out how and where yet.

gap yearMarc Freedman (founder and CEO of Encore.org), has at last given me the descriptive term I’ve been looking for. I’m not retired, I’m taking a Gap Year for Grown-Ups … well, maybe it’ll take me a bit longer than a year, but you get the idea. Freedman talks about A Gap Year for Grown-Ups in an HBR article. He even mentions a tradition of “gray gappers” in the UK, stating that “many may be using the cover of retirement, followed by unretirement, as a kind of de facto gap period.” Even though I could find no supporting evidence for the “gray gapper” expression in Google, it works. I like it.

I’m not retired, I’m taking a Gap Year.

Freedman is working to expand conventional thinking on how to assist and structure the transition from retirement to “unretirement”. Another article discussing his ideas can be found, also on HBR, at “A New Vision for Retirement: Productive and Meaningful“.


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