50-Something Young

fun runWhen my Mom was in her 50s, she entered a fun-run. It was her first time to do something like that. She was amazed and proud of herself for entering and finishing the 4 miles on the 4th of July. The whole family entered the race. It was great fun. At the finish line she was surprised to learn that she had won in her age group. Unreal. She was even interviewed in a clip on the local news that night. None of us visualized her as a runner. 50-somethings were mostly confined to walking, golfing, and swimming in her world. Not to diminish the accomplishment, but I must disclose that she was actually the only woman in her age bracket to enter. This was a big step-out. Clearly, as the number of persons in her age group demonstrated.

Twenty-five years later, our perspectives on what 50-somethings do has opened up wide. Thankfully! I have girl friends, who take their grandkids skiing, ride across the US on a bicycle, and trek Kilimanjaro. My 10K run this weekend pales by comparison to these bigger feats of endurance and challenge, but it’s all part of the bigger shift that is taking place. I just looked up the numbers on the official results page. Out of the ~8K entrants, there were 282 women in the 50-59 age group and 47 in the 60-69 age group. That’s a long way from just one solitary champion many years ago.

Let’s get up and go!


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