A suspended pool of time

Day 8 of Lenten meditation practice.

InsightTimerAppThis is the only place I know of where all normal perception of time is suspended. The standard sensory pickups are shut down. No visuals. No sounds. No cues. Have 2 minutes passed or 20 minutes passed? Am I half way there, or three-quarters the way through? It’s like floating in space. There’s nothing to push up against, to test where I am.

I slip into the suspended pool of time. Focus on the breathing. Check in with all the tense points. One by one bring them all into relaxation. Breath. Sit. Float. Then the chime pings. Already? I could have stayed there longer, but the spell is broken. Back to clocks and tasks. The day is off and running!


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  1. kiramac says:

    You should enjoy this discussion on meditation from a type-a personality:

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