In Love With Lists

Top 10“7 Foods to Avoid”  –  “10 valentine’s day gifts for men”  –  “5 Tips To Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Days”  –  “10 Things You Should Never Tell Your Boss” … don’t you want to read these articles? enticing, right? It’s the first thing I’ll gravitate to in the grocery store checkout line magazine rack.

I was reading “10 Great Ways to Get Noticed as a Blogger” which advises to “Compile Lists”. So true! I love these lists. People love these lists, or they wouldn’t show up absolutely everywhere. I’m the ultimate list freak. On every topic and every media available. I collect them. I write them. I dream about them. From ’10 Most Toxic Food Items’ hanging on the fridge to the Must Do Today list on my iPhone. All bases are covered. I’ve just never published these.

I think I might start sharing some of these favorites out here. This one here hangs on the fridge. Can’t remember where I picked it up, but it’s original title was something like “10 Most Toxic Food Items”. These were processed food items. Good news: they do not apply to the homemade equivalents. Bad news: when was the last time you made any of these items from scratch? Try getting through a whole week without touching anything on this list. It’s tough! My personal weakness is tortilla chips …



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One Response to In Love With Lists

  1. Beeman says:

    I’m hoping the bacon on here is the nitrate-filled stuff and not the supposedly healthier non-nitrate varieties, especially the leaner cuts. Does high-end gelato fall into the toxic list?

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