I had it in my bag all along! “Bamboo Paper”

Bamboo Paper App-IconHow many times have you been in the middle of a big discussion when the only way forward was to draw a picture? Pictures and diagrams really do speak a thousand words … for me anyway. Anyone have a pen? Paper? Soggy napkins and dried up ballpoint pens are often our only tools. Wouldn’t you love a dry-erase board to magically appear at the snap of your fingers? Oh yes, and please let it have markers that work!

Alas, this morning I discovered that for the past 18 months I have had that magical dry-erase board close by all along. Truly. No exaggeration! You see, 18 months ago I was given an iPad for my birthday. In my new-toy-enthusiasm phase I promptly loaded every App anyone recommended. I piled up my plate with more than I could eat. Clearly it was more than I could possibly digest and make sense of in a short period. Many of them got lost in the clutter.

The newspaper didn’t hold my attention very long this morning, so I started clicking around on my iPad. I noticed this cute blue icon called “Bamboo Paper“. Let’s see … click. Wow! Where have you been all my life?

Bamboo Paper ExampleWhat do you think? It’s clean. It has colors. It has different thickness ‘pens’. You can email it to yourself or anyone engaged in the conversation. Bye-bye soggy cocktail napkins! Hello Bamboo Paper … woohoo!


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