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Blue Zones – “Power Nine” – Lessons 4,5,6

<< See Lessons 1,2,3 Continuing the post from a few days ago on the Blue Zones “Power Nine” Lessons 1,2,3 here are key highlights from Lessons 4,5,6: Lesson Four: Grapes of Life. Drink red wine (in moderation). Strategy → Buy … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Convert Your Drive Time to Meditation Time

I ran out of time this morning to stick with my daily early morning meditation. The good news is that I’ve managed to build up my daily minutes to 30 (incredible to me – that’s 30 uninterrupted minutes – not … Continue reading

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Taking a Gap Year

Whenever people ask me how I could possibly retire so early in life, I typically launch into a way-too-long-and-drawn-out justification concluding with the notion that this is just a temporary situation. I have lots more to contribute in this world, … Continue reading

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50-Something Young

When my Mom was in her 50s, she entered a fun-run. It was her first time to do something like that. She was amazed and proud of herself for entering and finishing the 4 miles on the 4th of July. … Continue reading

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From Competition to Enjoyment

I am not a serious athlete, by any definition, but these races (supposed ‘fun’ runs) make me jumpy and unleash an unhealthy competitive spirit in me. I set out with a specific time target, usually in the unreasonable, unattainable range. … Continue reading

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Blue Zones – “Power Nine” – Lessons 1,2,3

I know, I can’t quite let this topic drop yet. It’s too intriguing. In spite of a voracious appetite for all things related to healthy lifestyles, I’m picking up new and different tips in Blue Zones. New discoveries in a … Continue reading

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A suspended pool of time

Day 8 of Lenten meditation practice. This is the only place I know of where all normal perception of time is suspended. The standard sensory pickups are shut down. No visuals. No sounds. No cues. Have 2 minutes passed or … Continue reading

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