Spoiler Alerts!

I was so proud of my recent technical accomplishment. I finally learned how to configure the DVR to record a specific show whenever a new episode airs. Pretty lame, I know. Without a compelling need, I don’t typically don’t take on new technologies. Until Downton Abbey I didn’t have that compelling need.

However, all the hype about the new season piqued my curiosity. I set it up for Season 3 of Downton Abbey and then went on a 2-week crash catch-up program to watch Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix and borrowed DVDs. Now I’m savoring Season 3 episodes like a delicious dessert, that I portion out on evenings when I can turn off the phone and get the TV room to myself. I love this show. How had I missed it?

I was all caught up except for last Sunday’s episode … AND THEN … I saw a Facebook posting pop up this morning about a dear friend not being able to sleep as a result of a tragedy that had befallen xxx (I won’t spoil it for you, just in case). Arrgghhh!  Then I opened the newspaper and it was on the front page! I couldn’t escape this terrible news.

The DVR manual forgot the tips & tricks section that talks about ‘Spoiler Alerts’. There should be a warning (that nobody will read!) about the risks of plot leakage that can occur with delayed viewing. I knew you had to be careful when watching sporting events, but I didn’t realize that the Downton Abbey story-line had reached front-page newsworthy status. I’ll be much more cautious next week.


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One Response to Spoiler Alerts!

  1. Rhonda says:

    We only watched it on Monday evening, and I too was shocked! But those were the “bad old days” without our medical advances that we so take for granted these days, so it was heartening to see a show that depicted the heartbreak associated with childbirth “back in the day”. Glad you are finally with the DA contingent, and enjoying the current season. Enjoyed lunch and more to come!

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