The Ultimate Spam Filter

In a former life, I worked for a government subcontractor on a Shuttle project. This periodically involved attending trainings with other subcontractors, who we didn’t know or ever care to  mingle with. One day a fellow trainee fell asleep in an Ada class – at that time, a new object-oriented programming language. Completely understandable how this might happen; very dry stuff. The funny thing was the sleepy trainee started snoring loud enough to disrupt the class. The teacher instructed us to quietly pick up and move. We simply moved to the adjacent conference room and left the snorer behind. There was no confrontation. No big scene. The class proceeded without disruption. I often wonder what happened when the guy woke up – we never found out.

I was reminded of this story over the weekend when a group of us were bemoaning the radical whacky spam we get from a certain member of our family. As we shared various attempts to stem the flow, we learned that the only one who had been 100% successful in eliminating these unwelcome intruders in their in-box, was the person who had simply restarted life in a new email address. They picked up and moved to a new place. The new address has been shared with everyone else in the electronic universe, except for you-know-who.

I love it. It’s like the instructor at NASA who simply moved the training class. It’s simple. It’s effective. It’s non-confrontational. It’s brilliant. I fantasize about doing this, but I won’t. I will persist with the old-fashioned delete and mail client filter criteria a while longer. Somehow I can’t quite bring myself to ‘leave the guy snoring in the room on his own’. If it completely wears me down however, I do have the option. That does make it more tolerable.


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