Turning 18 on the 18th

Most days I have no idea what the topic of the blog posting ritual will be when I wake up in the morning. I let the day unfold and see what presents itself. Today is different. The most precious girl in the world to me is turning 18 today. 18 on the 18th. It’s rather magical. This day demands to be a topic.

There are many realizations about life that are shared by mothers. Ranging from a deep understanding of how one person really could lay down their life for another, to the experience of functioning on almost zero sleep. Before we become mothers, we’re not sure if we could do either. Above and beyond common experiences like these, each child touches us in different ways with unique lessons and revelations about ourselves. Often in ways that others might not be able to reach us.

Of all the introverts I’ve loved and been surrounded by, nobody has been more effective at illuminating for me what it truly means to be an introvert. Why those introverted behaviors are essential to their overall well-being. Why extroverts like me need to back off and let them be who they are.

Efficiency + Effective household management ≠ Love and Happiness. Obvious at first glance. Living it out is a daily struggle. It’s a constant tension in our house. Left to my own devices I would steer my ship onto a beach of sterile tidiness.  I am equally thankful and cranky about the messiness that takes the sharp, crisp edges off things, making life more real and vibrant.

I’ve been privileged and shocked by frequent revisited scenes of my own teenage years. I hear words come out of my daughter’s mouth, that I know I spoke many decades ago to my own mother. Needless to say, these are mostly not the “I love you mommy”s we dream of. The echo of that time gives me insights into what was propelling me forward. Reconnecting with those feelings grants me enough humbleness and grace to lean into what is being thrown at me. Without that grace things could get explosive.

Motherhood is an amazing gift we take for granted in the daily busyness of life. The challenges and desire to try to control all our chickens often steers the conversation to one of burden and problem solving, rather than joy and thankfulness.  God Bless my little chickadee on this special birthday!


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