It’s raining cats and dogs, and every other kind of pet imaginable

I used to think there were pet owners and non-pet owners. This appeared to be a fairly evenly distributed world. Most pet owners were pretty casual in their attachments and considered these animals just a few notches up from farm animals. At least, that’s how our dogs growing up ranked.

Today I feel like there are pet owners and then there’s me alone … and thankfully my husband too! Everywhere we turn the conversation is about a cat, or a dog, or a bird, or … some other adopted-into-the-family creature from God’s kingdom. No judgement here, unless they are diving into my crotch as they greet me at the door or ripping my stockings, or even biting me and drawing blood, as recently happened.

The thing is, when did this happen? When did the pet craze go viral? I missed the memo on this one. I’m left mystified by this pet mania. Is it filling some need I don’t have, or is it enriching lives in a way that I’m missing out on?

All very curious, very curious indeed.


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One Response to It’s raining cats and dogs, and every other kind of pet imaginable

  1. Rhonda says:

    It goes further — when we were growing up, we did not have pet health insurance. If our dogs got really sick, that was the end of the dog. Our dogs ate their food in the utility room, not the dining room, right next to where we were eating. Our dogs went to the kennel when we went on vacation, never mind that the dog would prefer to stay at home with a dog sitter making daily visits to play with him. It is an amazing transformation in our society.

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