Jan 8: Dispatch Dynamite Discovery

I want to shout out on all platforms at my disposal about this new tool Seth Godin described in his latest blog posting. It’s one of his longer ones, so I’m glad I didn’t click-out on it before I reached the part about Dispatch. It was hard to locate another independent review of it because apparently Dispatch is also the name of a “jam band titan”. Who knew?

Finally found some reports on GeekitDown’s website – these were nothing short of glowing. Here are some highlights: “Cloud services such as Dropbox, Evernote and Google Docs can be connected to Dispatch accounts in order to share files, notes and documents with a collaboration team or group of individuals. Thus pooling all the information into a single location for convenient access to all members. …… We can’t say enough about the ease of use from Dispatch and the lack of interface clutter is a welcome change from other cloud options.”

So I started using it this morning for a collaboration project with Becky T for planning a strategic board offsite meeting. Clean & Simple. Easy & Intuitive. It danced and sizzled and did everything I wanted it to so far. Now I feel like I have a new hammer looking for some nails. Watch out world. The tool evangelist in me is coming out of the dark closet again.


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