Jan 6: Texting in your Dreams too?

My daughter texted me in my dream. Like most dreams, it was a confused swirl of jumbled scenes. Part Titanic sinking. Part family cruise. Three of us survived. Standing on shore devastated at the prospect that our darling H was at the bottom of the ocean, my phone pinged. There was a picture of the shoreline and a short text “Almost there”. Don’t even think about the practicalities of all this! That’s a regular text message round here shortly after curfew time, when I start to worry and imagine disastrous scenarios of Titanic proportions – of course all taking place in cars and on city streets. Ironic. We do process our life in dreams.

Texting has become so integrated into our communications, that it’s naturally extending itself into dreams. This was a first for me. I noticed it. It seems like a watershed event of sorts.

When I shared the dream with my daughter she wasn’t at all surprised. Yes, she dreams about texting people just like I dream about conversations with people. Sometimes you are left wondering if you had the conversation for real, or not? Seems that if many of your conversations are texts then this phenomenon of dream vs. reality confusion occurs with texting too.

The thing I like about texting is I can confirm if I really did have that communication, or I just dreamed it. I’m often accused of dreaming that I told members of my household many things. It happens often enough that I’m considering issuing all important messages to them via text!


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