Jan 4: 11 Keys to Higher Function

Clearly it’s going to take me longer than 4 days to get over the reinventing-my-life syndrome that sets in on January 1st every year. So here’s another thing to think about. I picked up the “11 Keys to Higher Function” from a bible study group discussion yesterday. It’s from “Super Brain” by Deepak Chopra, MD and Rudolph Tansi, PhD. It all sounded great on first reading and under the influence of an exhilarating early morning caffeine high. Hmmmm … second thoughts now added on ….

Experience a simple pleasure … sure, I naturally strive for this every day. Check.
Have a small victory … just getting some things done on my to-do-list qualifies as a huge victory some days, let alone a small one. Check.
Be still and at peace  … mostly wired into my days, but could be more still and more peaceful. Pretty much Check.
Reveal your truth … does venting my frustrations about things others have neglected to do count? Kinda think maybe not so much. What does this really mean anyway? Say what I mean? Do what I say? Pretty much Check again.
Connect and bond … Yep. Check. My calendar is already full of connecting and bonding events, but maybe the types of things scheduled there need some fine-tuning? Deeper and fewer connections. More connecting and bonding closer to home with those not on my schedule?
Give reverenceI like this! Gotta fuse this into my thinking processes. Prayer time. Check for the future!
Change a habitAre you kidding? Every single day? I’d be delighted if I could change just a couple of things by this time next year! Check for a couple habits for the whole year. Or maybe this is about having to give it up everyday over and over again. That makes more sense.
Free up a frozen beliefOnce again, really? Everyday? Give up  365 beliefs this year? Deepak speak to me. What did you have in mind? Qualified Check – same as above.
Be passionate about somethingYes. Am all about this. Check with Gusto.
Take a good look at yourselfThis is getting exhausting. In the mirror? Probably not. These are the doubts that wake me up at 3am. Did I really say that, this, the other? How can I do this better? Avoid that? Change the other? This doesn’t feel like a ‘good‘ look, just very obsessive and fruitless. How about a constructive reflection of each day as I lay my head on my pillow. Check.
Get some feedbackEasy when teens are living under your roof. The challenge is what to do when they move out and how to get some sensible adult input? Not sure I want this after almost 30 years living under the weight of corporate feedback systems that often left you feeling diminished and questioning your value. TBD on the Check here.


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