Jan 3: The burden of everything is possible

Leaping into the new year I have the feeling that I can press the Reset button. De-frag the hard drive of my life. Dust out the cobwebs. Get clarity. Start anew. Anything is possible. Sitting on top of the world looking out at a sea of possibilities. It’s exciting.

… AND it’s also a burden. Really? That’s a real wet-blanket-thing to say. I heard it in an interview this morning with Elizabeth McGovern talking about the Downton Abbey culture. The interviewer was reflecting on a commentary in the New York Times describing this early 20th century world as “perversely comforting” to us today, where “the heroes are the rare overachievers who work their way up from footman to butler“. Her response surprised and resonated. “In today’s world we all live with the burden of feeling that anything is possible, if we’re only clever enough, smart enough, work hard enough. …. There’s a small disappointment if you haven’t managed to earn a fortune, or succeed ….“.

She goes on to talk about the comfort of knowing your role, and focusing your energies on doing the most wonderful job you can.

That’s great input into the new year launch into the sea of possibilities. Focus on your role. Focus on doing the ‘most wonderful job you can’ in those roles. I find that very comforting indeed!

(Check out the full interview.)


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