Jan 1 First Order of Business

Seth Godin (fav daily reading diet for me) got onto the topic of ‘drip’. Writing is like drip, drip, drip. What you build in life is ‘drip by drip‘. Thinking about New Year’s resolutions, I’m not sure where this year is heading other than some ‘big rocks’ like getting H off to college. I like the idea of a drip inventory. The thoughts and musings of daily life dripping into these posts.

First order of business after the holidays is to de-tox. Mental, physical, spiritual. All areas are up for grabs. The self bargaining as to when that will start is underway… hmmm. Not saying yet. Over consumption has been the theme of the season. Indulgences of every kind have been permitted and sought after. You know it’s going to stop, so the only question is when. Well, NOT today, off to another Open House. The real New Year can wait another day.


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One Response to Jan 1 First Order of Business

  1. Rhonda says:

    Love the idea of a de-tox! A New Year’s detox is not underway until we return from New Orleans on Monday — food and drink await, and a continued celebration of our 26th year of marriage just beginning. For me, Hawaii has been a wonderful detox time — clean air, lots of exercise, lots of water, fresh fruit, fish, and less alcohol than here. I’ve generally lost weight over the 2 months in the summer, and come back very refreshed. Why can’t every day be Hawaii!

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