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Stunned By “Zero Dark Thirty”

I knew the basic plot and outcome. You’d have to have been living under a rock not to know. I expected an intelligence analyst tenaciously chasing down Osama bin Laden (aka ‘UBL’ as I learned in the movie) over many … Continue reading

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Preconceived notions tested against reality

Until today, I had never actually had a conversation with a homeless person. I’ve brushed off many with a curt ‘no I can’t help you‘ or ‘I don’t have any change‘. And that was only, if there was no other … Continue reading

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Spoiler Alerts!

I was so proud of my recent technical accomplishment. I finally learned how to configure the DVR to record a specific show whenever a new episode airs. Pretty lame, I know. Without a compelling need, I don’t typically don’t take … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Spam Filter

In a former life, I worked for a government subcontractor on a Shuttle project. This periodically involved attending trainings with other subcontractors, who we didn’t know or ever care to¬† mingle with. One day a fellow trainee fell asleep in … Continue reading

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When Opinions Defy Expected Patterns

When complex issues enter the public debate we expect a certain predictability in reactions. We open the paper, turn on the radio or click on the internet knowing which side of the issue the particular media will likely support. Even … Continue reading

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January Joiners

It’s January at the health club. The regulars put on strained, polite smiles as new faces arrive in expensive obviously-a-Christmas-present attire, fumble with confusing cardio machine screens, or arrive late to over-crowded classes. We love you guys. We’re cheering for … Continue reading

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We have been denied

I just finished reading Steve Job’s biography by Walter Isaacson. Apart from renewed amazement and awe for his prolific creativity, vision and ruthless pursuit of perfection, I came away with a heavy sadness. He’s gone. Who is going to trigger … Continue reading

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